Monday, November 14, 2016


Remember during the last Presidential debate, when Donald Trump was asked, if he lost, would he accept the outcome of the election? He said he would have to look at it at the time. The leftist Mainstream Media lost it, and was livid at his comment- that he presumably wouldn't accept the will of the people. Now, after the stunning victory of Trump, protesters have taken to the street in an attempt to use intimidation, disruption and violence to convince, someone, anyone, to change the outcome. One protester said that Hillary Clinton should sue Trump to keep him from taking office. This goes to show that these agitators, primarily college students, do not understand how our political system works.

Anti-Trump protesters fill the streets
The point of contention, is that Hillary won the popular vote, which means, according to these protesters, she should be President. However, our Republic is guided by our Constitution, and according to that document, our President is elected through the Electoral College process.

The Founding Fathers were apprehensive about establishing a direct vote to elect a President, because they were worried that the more populous States would skew the results, and wanted the smaller States to have some relevance. They did not trust the population to make that decision, fearing that a tyrant would be able to manipulate public opinion and gain power. And indeed, today, the most popular State, California, is so liberal, that Trump never even had a General Election strategy there. That's why we were given the Electoral College.

It seems that our colleges and universities are inciting these events by not teaching this process, therefore we have thousands of protesters in large cities all over the country trying to use coercion to force change. This is a Constitutional impossibility. Unless...the Electors of the Electoral College change their vote, which two have said they are going to do, and are in the process of trying to get others to do the same. If you remember, Cruz supporters at the Republican National Convention tried to do the same thing. Why do people think so little of the will of the people by trying to circumvent things to suit their own bias?

The purpose of protest is to exercise your freedom of speech to express your opinion as to why something should be changed. Look at past demonstrations for Civil Rights, and against the Vietnam War. These were things that could be changed. You can't overturn a free and fair  election. Now there seems to be an escalation, in that huge riots are being planned for Inauguration Day, and it seems to be an opposition to democracy itself.

Back in 2008, you didn't see Republicans going out and pillaging in response to the election of Barack Obama. Republicans accepted that it was a change election, and a backlash against 8 years of George Bush. But the new breed of liberals are different. If they disagree with the opinion of someone, though it is truth, they label it as hate speech; which has caused the rise of political correctness and a mechanism to limit free speech. It's okay for them, but not anyone else. They have instituted mob rule and an environment of fear.

These demonstrations can be laid at the doorstep of the liberal Mainstream Media. Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy, the Media has lied, twisted, and have taken out of context nearly everything that Trump has said. They are responsible for creating an atmosphere of fear for the Trump presidency. And why did they do that? To help Hillary Clinton. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, while talking to co-anchor Brooke Baldwin, said: "We couldn't help her (Hillary Clinton) anymore than we have. You know what I mean. She's got just a free ride so far from the Media. We're the biggest ones promoting her campaign."

CNNs Brooke Baldwin and Chris Cuomo
Academy Award-winning Director Michael Moore, a big Hollywood liberal, in a CNN interview with Don Lemon, said that a majority of Americans are liberals and progressives who want things like equal pay for women, action to stop Climate change, are against the death penalty, and are pro-choice. He believes that the Congress, and now the new President, are not representative of the American people. However, Congress is elected through a direct vote, and Americans have voted for a Republican majority. So, how does that happen if liberals and progressives are the majority?

Michael Moore
Moore gave Lemon a list of 5 things ("Michael Moore's Morning After To-Do List") that need to be done by liberal activists:

1) "Stop saying you're 'shocked.'"
Donald Trump was elected because the Democrats who came out in huge numbers for Obama in 2008 and 2012, did not come out for Hillary Clinton. In 2008, nearly 70 million voted for Obama, and in 2012 about 66 million. In 2016, a little over 60 million voted for Hillary. She did not excite the Democratic base like Sen. Bernie Sanders did. She had high unfavorables, was not drawing large crowds and was dogged until the end by her Email scandal. In short, she under-performed. That's why she lost.

2) "Fire the pundits and pollsters."
Hillary held sway over the Democratic National Committee (DNC) because of being the wife of a popular 2-term president, a Senator, and Secretary of State; and in fact, as shown in the Wikileaks Email hacks, had so much influence, that she was able to lessen the impact of Bernie Sander's candidacy. The Mainstream Media heavily favored Hillary, and did not report on the negative things that impacted her campaign. The polls were skewed toward Democrats and women, which artificially showed her with high polling numbers.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) came close to taking out Hillary
3) "Repeat: 'Clinton won the popular vote.'"
So, because Hillary won the popular vote, we're supposed to suspend the Constitution to allow her to become president. If you break down the results, the slight lead in the popular vote is a misleading indicator of her popularity. Trump won 30 states, to Clinton's 21. More shocking is the county map which shows the country awash in a sea of red and illustrates the wide support coming from rural America. Hillary's support came from the huge metropolitan areas and the liberal New England States. This is why the Electoral College is a more accurate reflection of the will of the people.

Trump overwhelmingly won more counties than Clinton
4) "Take over the Democratic Party."
As previously mentioned, the success of Hillary's nomination came because she was able to control the DNC. Revelations of this forced the resignation of Party head, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and criticism of her replacement Donna Brazile, who CNN cut ties with after it was revealed the she gave the Clinton campaign copies of the debate questions prior to the CNN-sponsored event. Because of the influence Hillary had, Sanders never really had a chance. However, because of the huge crowds drawn to his campaign rallies, he was able to put his socialist agenda out there, part of which involved free healthcare and free college education. His message resonated with college students and others frustrated with the state of the country, despite the fact that taxes would have to be increased dramatically to pay for all the free things that were part of his vision. Moore believes that the progressives have to take over the Democratic Party to insure their platform is advanced.

5) "Obstruct Republicans in Congress."
This is Moore's call-to-arms to disrupt the democratic process as much as possible. The last time a Republican President had a Republican-controlled Congress was during the George W. Bush administration (2003-2007); before that, some of Eisenhower's administration (1953-55), and before that, part of Hoover's (1929-31). Donald Trump has pledged to build a wall on the Southern border, repeal and replace Obamacare, and rollback numerous Executive Orders that Obama signed to bypass Congress. Obama campaigned for Hillary in an effort to protect his legacy, and doesn't want what he's done to be erased and to stop the progress that has been made. Yet, it seems, with the election of Donald Trump, America wants to reverse the direction that Hope and Change have taken us. It could be argued, that because Trump overcame tremendous obstacles to become President, that he has a mandate to pursue his legislative agenda. With this perception, and a Republican-controlled Congress, he should have little opposition. This is what Moore said needs to be targeted. The right way to do this, is to change the balance of power, by Democrats beating Republicans on Election Day. Yet, Moore seems to be hinting at something a little more immediate.

The current wave of organized demonstrations, bordering on riots, seem to be the beginning of this battle, which will further the ideological division in this country, as a socialist agenda is being pushed. One protester acknowledged there will be blood, because it sometimes takes the death of someone to have their goals furthered. If these actions escalate and become more violent, some have suggested that martial law could be declared and Trump's inauguration delayed. However, it would take something on the level of a civil war for something like this to happen, and I'd like to think that this is something that Americans would not want to see in their streets.

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States is the biggest political upset in American history. Although the candidacy of Ronald Reagan, a former movie actor, garnered similar reactions, he had previously been a 2-term governor of California. Trump has never held political office. His campaign style rewrote the political playbook. In January, 2004 on the night of his Iowa primary loss, Democratic candidate, an overzealous Vermont governor Howard Dean was trying to fire up his supporters, finishing off with a rousing scream. Some say that ended his chances of winning. In the 2012 presidential campaign, 2-term governor Rick Perry was riding the top of the Republican polls until a debate in November when he couldn't remember the 3rd of 3 government agencies he said he would eliminate as president. That seemed to end his presidential hopes as his popularity began to slide. With the verbal gaffes that Trump has committed, Dean's and Perry's seem to be relatively minor, yet Trump's campaign was not adversely affected. And while he stood on his business acumen, the pundits criticized his actual business success rate.

The Howard Dean scream
Looking at old interviews, you can see that for a very long time, he's not agreed with what politicians have done with this country. His entire career in building a world-wide business brand, being a best-selling author, and the host of a hit television show, have given him a platform and name recognition. From the beginning, he's always identified with the working man. When Mitt Romney ran for President in 2012, he was labeled as being rich and out-of-touch with the working class. Yet, Trump, a billionaire, was supported by the working class and those who didn't have a college education. How can that be? It happened, because a year before he announced, he made it a point to find out what the issues were that Americans were concerned with. He realized that these issues ran parallel to his nationalistic views, which gave birth to his America First campaign pledge. The other thing, at a Donald Trump rally, he didn't just give a speech, he talked to his supporters in a conversational manner, like he was sitting with them in their living room. That endeared him to them, because he came across as a candidate that heard what they had to say, and agreed with them, and wanted to do something about it.

President-elect Donald J. Trump
Towards the end of the campaign, Trump told the crowds at his rallies, "What have you got to lose?" in voting for him. He maintained that voting for Hillary was like a 3rd term of Obama, and it would cause the country to continue going in a direction that would destroy the economy of this country. And that's the mindset we need to have. Obama was a community organizer who only ran for Senate to use it as a platform to run for President. What experience did he have? Yet, America gave him a chance, and he was ultimately re-elected. Ronald Reagan, the former actor, rates very high on many lists as one of our most beloved Presidents. Why should Trump be treated any different? He should be given the same chance to acclimate himself to the office. Because he's not a politician, there is no measure to compare what he's capable of doing other than to consider the company he has built, the brand he has made, and his many accomplishments.

America has chosen this man because they believe he represents the best chance of returning this country to a firm economical footing. He's been given a big job to do, and we owe him and his administration our support. His success, is our success.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


In 2008, the Country saw a Hillary Clinton carry out a very strong campaign against Barack Obama, who had become a rising star within the Democratic Party. In 2016, many people in the Democratic Party felt that she was owed the nomination (and the DNC blatantly supported her), because of her role as First Lady (she dropped the ball in leading the fight to get a Healthcare initiative passed), Senator (she introduced and got passed no meaningful legislation), and Secretary of State (she was responsible for the deaths in Benghazi, and a contributing factor in our muddled policy in the Middle East). With the eMail scandal stemming from receiving government eMails on a private server (then lying, saying that none were Confidential, when evidence has been released there were) and revelations in regard to the unethical operation of the Clinton Foundation, now it has come to the forefront that Hillary's health is in question. The liberal media denies it, but it is becoming an undeniable fact.

Hillary has needed help walking up steps

In January 2011 Hillary stumbled getting on a plane, 
and has fallen on steps a number of times

Hillary has had numerous coughing attacks since 
October 2015 and then many times is unable to talk

At a recent campaign appearance in Ohio, she had
a coughing fit, then spit 2 large gelatinous balls
into a glass

It appears she had a huge lesion on her tongue

What people have labeled as seizure-like behavior
seems to be some sort of physical tic

In a campaign appearance, she became visibly disoriented

In another campaign appearance, she froze-up and a 
handler had to come up and talk her through it

During the 9/11 Observance she passed out (supposedly
due to pneumonia) and had to be dragged into a waiting van

And now, in a recent appearance to the media she
looked haggard, tired and frail

So you see, it's not just one thing. It's many things. It seems clear that she is hiding something. She has come off of an extended period of not having any press conferences for over 9 months. She has not had a full campaign schedule, leading to the conclusion that she has to rest frequently.

There are rumors in the media that she is in the early stages of Parkinson's Disease, which her campaign denies. They put forward the argument that she has 'slowed' down because of her age (68 years old), yet her opponent, Donald Trump, at 70 years old, has shown extraordinary stamina having rallies all over the country nearly everyday, as well as having press conferences, and doing radio and television interviews.

So, let's take a quick look at what we do know about Hillary's health, or at least what we've been told. During a February 2005 campaign speech, she fainted, and later was diagnosed as having an acute gastrointestinal illness. In October, 2007, while campaigning for Chuck Schumer in New York, her right foot swelled, and doctors found a large blood clot behind her right knee. In 2015, Hillary's doctor revealed that she had another major blood clot in 2009. On December 15, 2012 Hillary fainted (due to a stomach flu) and fell, sustaining a concussion, and was subsequently hospitalized 2 weeks later when a blood clot was discovered in her right transverse venous sinus. On January 24, 2013 the State Department confirmed that Clinton was wearing special glasses with Fresnel lenses to prevent seeing double as a result of her concussion. In May 2014, Bill Clinton revealed that her recovery from the concussion actually took 6 months. On January 31, 2015, in response to queries in regard to Hillary's ability to serve as President, Clinton's doctor revealed that Hillary suffers from Hypothyroidism, having an under-active thyroid gland which results in the lack of important hormones; and also takes Coumadin, a blood thinner, to prevent new clots from forming.

In her most recent appearance, some pundits felt she looked very weak, and have questioned whether she would have the stamina to perform the duties of a President and be able to deal with a crisis. Many news outlets have questioned medical professionals in regard to her health 'events' and many feel that they could be the repercussions of her concussion, or possibly a bad heart. Many have called for her complete medical records to be released. Americans want to know whether she is fit to serve. It's even been rumored that the DNC is putting together a contingency plan in case that Hillary has to drop out of the race because of her health, though, they add, that would be unlikely.

In the past 2 weeks, her lead over Trump has dwindled, and the spread in battleground swing states have tightened up. Critics have accused her of wanting to be President at any cost- even her health. The Hillary the Country is seeing, is not the Hillary they remember, though die hard supporters would vote for her even if she was in a coma. If her trend of inactivity continues, if there are further health issues, and if her performance at the upcoming debate raises more questions, you have to wonder whether the leaders of the Democratic Party might try to convince her to bow out in order to try and salvage the election.

If that would be the case, would they try to postpone the election, thus allowing Obama to remain in office? And if she was replaced on the ballot, who would it be? Many feel that her VP choice, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, could not win. By virtue of his Primary campaign and the votes he received, protocol seems to dictate that the mantle would have fall to Bernie Sanders, but there are some who feel he has moved on and has no interest in the office any longer. My money would be on Joe Biden being tapped to be the standard bearer for the Party. His name recognition, his experience in the Senate and as Vice President, in a career free of scandal, would make him a formidable opponent for Trump.

It was predicted that the Hillary that started the campaign was going to win in a landslide. With less than 50 days left in the campaign, she could still eke this thing out. She seems to still have the Electoral College edge, though even that has begun to shift. And if she wins, you have to wonder if she would even be able to complete her term. But that thought opens up a whole new can of worms. I believe that people still have that picture in their mind of a vibrant and exciting Hillary Clinton campaigning in 2008. A Hillary Clinton free of the Email scandal, of Benghazi, and of the excesses of the Clinton Foundation. She was a former First Lady who overcame the embarrassment of her husband's sex scandal by becoming an unremarkable Senator of New York, just as Obama had been an unremarkable Senator in Illinois.  I believe, that Hillary Clinton, would have easily defeated Donald Trump. As this campaign winds down, that image of Hillary is going to slowly succumb to the ravages of doubt and fear.